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Abbreviations & Acronyms 4 Dummies

(for those like me who needed to learn)

Email me with additions you'd like to see on this list info@sagekeep.com

Note: Some of the items below are certified titles while others are simply abbreviations or acronyms for commonly used terms.

  •  Agility: A dog performance event to portray a dog's training and ability to maneuver using obstacles.

  •  AKC: American Kennel Club

  •  Berner: Bernese Mountain Dog

  •  BIS / BISS: Best In Show / Best In Specialty Show

  •  Bitch: 1) Female dog; 2) What show-dog people do when their dog loses to another show-dog

  •  BMD: Bernese Mountain Dog

  •  BMDCA: Bernese Mountain Dog Club of America

  •  BMDCC: Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Canada

  •  BYB: Backyard Breeder

  •  CD: Companion Dog (novice A or B)

  •  CDz: Companion Dog Excellent

  •  CERF'd: Canine Eye Registration Foundation

  •  CH: Conformation Champion (proven to conform to breed standard)

  •  CGC: Canine Good Citizenship

  •  Clearances: certified professional evaluations of a dog's health, usually referring to orthopedics, eyes, and thyroid - a certified document (reply) is always issued whether good or negative results (although unethical people/breeders may lie about this)

  •  CKC: Canadian Kennel Club

  •  Conformation: How a dog conforms to breed standard (not same as structure); Also a dog show event (NOT conFIRmation!)

  •   DD: Draft Dog

  •  Drafting: dog show event/competition where dogs pull carts

  •  Estrus: A bitch's menstrual cycle, having to do with fertility and breeding

  •  GDC: Genetic Disease Control (Institute for)

  •  Heat (aka, In-Heat): A bitch's menstrual cycle, having to do with fertility and breeding

  •  Hystio: Histiocytosis, a fast acting form of cancer (believed to be genetic and usually 100% fatal)

  •  ND: Novice Draft dog

  •  NDD: Draft Dog

  •  Obedience: 1) Can be a type of dog training class; 2) Dog performance event to portay dog's level of training

  •  OCD: Osteochondritis, an orthopedic malady; generally in dogs this refers to a specific issues with shoulder/elbow problems

  •  OFA: Orthopedic Foundation for Animals

  •  OVC: Ontario Veterinary College

  •  PennHip: a program for hip evaluations created by Pennsylvania State Univ School of Veterinary Medicine

  •  PO: Puppy Owner

  •  PPO: Potential Puppy Owner

  •  PRA: Progressive Retinal Atrophy (eye disease)

  •  Sarcoma: A form of cancer, possibly genetic, not always fatal

  •  Special: A dog/bitch who has finished their CH title and is pursuing top standing in the overall national breed (competing for invitation only events life West Minister and Eukanuba Shows)

  •  Structure: The assembly of the dog's body including bones & soft tissue

  •  Tie: The actual mating between a bitch and a dog during a bitch's breeding cycle when there is copulation. A 'tied' pair should never be 'pulled apart' as there can be fatal damage done to either the bitch (tearing of the vagina, etc) or the dog (ripping of the penis, etc).

  •  TDI: Therapy Dog

  •  UKC: United Kennel Club

  •  v: von or vom, meaning 'of' (as in, Dog v. Breeder means Dog of this Breeder)

  •  v.d.: von der, meaning 'of the'

  •  WCVM: Western College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Saskatchewan, Canada

  •  Winner's Bitch: Judged best girl of all the classes shown that day at that show

  •  Winner's Dog: Judged best boy of all the classes shown that day at that show

  •  WWKC: Worldwide Kennel Club

If you know of more abbreviations that should be added to this page, please email me at:  info@sagekeep.com


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