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All Candid Photos on this website

by Esther Wilson

unless otherwise specified.

Beware of Bernese Mtn Dog Breeder websites that steal photos of Berners from other breeders and then display those photos to falsely portray their kennel.

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Hello, my name is Esther Wilson. My lifelong love affair with dogs began when I was about five (5) years old, when I first helped to whelp a litter of puppies. Since then, I've lived with and enjoyed many dog breeds during my lifetime. I've lived with more mixed-breed dogs than purebred dogs.

One of my life's dreams has been to invest myself into a purebred dog breed or two. I wanted to be involved in a large dog breed fancy and a toy dog breed fancy. I'm living part of this dream today. I fell in love with Bernese Mountain Dogs in 1995 and brought home my first show girl in 1999. I've come a long way baby, since then!

My dogs live with me. They are my housemates. They are both inside and outside dogs (which means I manage a lot of housekeeping and yardwork!).

I research to feed my dogs an excellent diet and I make certain each dog's diet works for that dog. I also feel it is important to train my dogs to be acceptable participants in society. While I feel it is vitally important to crate train each of my dogs, I do not advocate crating (or kenneling) dogs all the time.

My dog breeding is a hobby that extends from my basic love of dogs. I research and agonize over breeding choices. I spend huge amounts of money, time and effort to be sure I'm making a good breeding choice. My puppies are all hand raised inside my home. I do my best to place my puppies in ethical, caring homes and then I support those homes however I can. I do my best to be sure that none of my puppies are bred irresponsibly. I am committed to rescue those pups that I produced in my breeding program.

I firmly believe that ethical dog breeders MUST belong to and participate in the larger dog community within their breed. This involvement is critically important to learn and improve the breed. However, interaction among fellow breed members is certainly not for the faint hearted. Dirty politics among dog breeders can be worse than anything dreamed up by  Democrats and Republicans. Having said that, I feel these awful politics are a lousy excuse for any would-be breeder to give in order to justify not submitting to peer input.

Below, I'll list some of the things I do. Bear in mind that these activities and memberships are ALL voluntary. They represent dedication, time, frustration, joy and heartache - all are vital parts of ethical breeding.

Before you become impressed with MY resume here, please realize that there are many breeders with credentials like mine and better. But we're not always easy to find nor to identify.

If you're thinking of buying a puppy - of ANY BREED - match your breeder's resume up against mine. If your breeder's resume nearly matches mine or is better than mine, then that's probably a breeder I'd buy from. If your breeder's resume doesn't quite equal mine, then I suggest you find one with a better resume. I consider my resume here to meet the MINIMUM requirements of a good breeder.

My best wishes to you in your endeavor to find a good breeder AND in your struggles to be worthy of your dog(s).

One day, I hope I will finally become the wonderful person my dogs already believe me to be.

~Esther Wilson


Dog Club Memberships


Bernese Mountain Dog Club of America

                 Member, Breed Steward


Inland Northwest Bernese Mountain Dog Club

                 Member, Webmaster

   Dog Related Volunteer Work

Berner Garde Database

                 Database Participant, Data Operator


Berner-L Yahoo Chat Group Co-Moderator

                 Supporter and part-time Co-Moderator


Other volunteer work



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