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ALL Photos on this website

are SageKeep Dogs bred or owned by Esther Wilson

unless otherwise specified.

Beware of Bernese Mtn Dog Breeder websites that steal photos of Berners from other breeders and then display those photos to falsely portray their kennel.


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Kielerstar McClintock, TDI (Delta Therapy Dog)


Today, Mac is a Certified Delta Therapy Dog. He works with helping comfort sick people in hospitals and he visits old folks' homes to brighten their day.

Mac is not a stud. Mac is NOT a show dog, although I got Mac as a 'show potential'.

I posted Mac on this website to help non-breeders understand some of the tough decisions a good breeder must make. Removing Mac from the gene pool was a tough decision I had to make. His temperament is incredible and physically, he's a very sound dog with good breed type.

Today, Mac is neutered and spends his time as a loving companion who lives with a wonderful family in Montana. Mac's temperament is perfect to service as a Delta Therapy dog.

As Mac matured, it became obvious that Mac is not show quality. Mac has certified clear elbows but he has one subluxated hip. After study, I am convinced this hip problem is genetic and so I promptly removed him from the gene pool.

Mac has made a wonderful companion and therapy dog and he is neutered. Mac visits hospitals and various treatment institutions to help people. He's incredibly intuitive and brings love and healing with him wherever he goes.

Neutering a dog like Mac is one of the difficult decisions that a responsible breeder must do: neuter a beloved dog when it is in the best interest of the breed that he should not be part of a breeding program.

I'm extremely thankful to breeder Judy Arneson-Johnson for my Mac. He's got a superb temperament (true to his sire) and is one of the 'prettiest' Berners I've ever seen. He's a very sound Berner. His temperament is the absolute BEST that I have ever lived with in a dog.

Sire: Intl CH Kielerstar Eli V. Muir

Dam: Hidden Valley Cracklin Rosie

Look up Mac on the Berner Garde Database:


Above, Mac going through his puppy evaluations at 8 weeks old. As you can see, lots of experienced breeders' hands go all over a puppy to determine structural correctness during a litter evaluation. Many experienced breeders say that whatever you see in a puppy at 8 weeks is what you will see at that pup's maturity (nutrition and lifestyle being proper).

Above, Littermate 'Zena' (the wild child) and Mac


Below, Mac is learning the 'stand-stay' and 'sit-stay' routines. What a good boy!


Below, Mac and Megan sitting pretty in the snow outside my home, October 2002. Remember, Megan is 2+ months older than Mac.




If there's SNOW, then Mac must be out playing in it!!



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