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ALL Photos on this website

are SageKeep Dogs bred or owned by Esther Wilson

unless otherwise specified.

Beware of Bernese Mtn Dog Breeder websites that steal photos of Berners from other breeders and then display those photos to falsely portray their kennel.


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~ SageKeeps Harbor Lights ~




Murphy is littermate to Sunny, Joy and Angelle. He's a gorgeous boy who is maturing very nicely. Murphy lives in California and is maturing a little bit more before beginning his show career.




Shown below, Murphy is about 9 months old,

weighs 105 lbs and is about 26-1/2 inches at the shoulder





Murphy lives with his 1/2 sister, Crystal

and now the two are inseparable.

Below, Murphy is about 6 months old and resting his paw on his sister's head




Date of Birth:  February 2. 2007

Orthopedic Clearances:

Murphy's Orthopedic clearances are expected Spring 2008

See also: www.bernergarde.org database

Look up Murphy on the Berner Garde Database:




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