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Pet Crisis


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IF you're considering bringing a dog into your family....

Top Reasons People Give Up Their Dogs 

(source: National Council on Pet Population Study and Policy http://www.petpopulation.org/)

Sadly, not everyone keeps their dog for its lifetime. Upon getting the dog, each new owner has great intentions. But sometimes life and/or the lack of integrity of that owner get in the way. And the dog ends up in a shelter or worse, abandoned. Either way, once the owner surrenders the dog, its most likely the dog will be killed. This incredibly heartbreaking event is extremely common among millions of dogs who are unlucky enough to get into the hands of uncommitted, careless owners.

Read the statistics on why most people surrender their dog to a shelter or other humane facility. Then decide again if you really want and can handle a dog in your home.

click here _ http://www.petpopulation.org/

Thanks for taking the time to read the above. The more people who understand the crisis of pet overpopulation, the closer we are to solving this terrible situation.

                                                        -SageKeep Kennels



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