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Puppy Price



"How much does that

Berner puppy cost?"




Puppy Cost is one of the major considerations for MOST puppy buyers, no matter what the breed. Most people feel they need to figure out 1) if we can afford the purchase and 2) if its a fair price.


However, puppy price is MUCH MORE than purchase price.


What most puppy buyers forget to seriously consider are the 'after purchase' costs. These are items like:



general healthcare expenses


food costs


grooming costs




training (classes, collars, leashes, personal trainer, etc)


toy purchases


replacement of chewed chairs/shoes/rugs/etc.


fencing and containment


lawn repairs/upgrades (most Berners are champion diggers)


legal fees and lawsuits from people bitten/harmed




emergency/trauma/crisis healthcare (bloat, cancer, surgery to remove non-edible items eaten, orthopedic issues and other expensive items are very common in Berners)


and more


In Berners, two of the MOST important Pre-purchase considerations are:

1. Expected Health (per pedigree)

2. Expected Temperament (per pedigree)


-->This is because these two items, Expected Health and Expected Temperament, can COST OR SAVE you tons of money, time and effort.


ANY breeder who wants to sell you a pup will use their best sales tactics to assure you that you're buying a healthy, sound pup from a healthy, sound pedigree. Some of these people may even use the sales tactic of 'reality' (which means they lower your expectations to be realistic).


Unethical breeders DO NOT tell you they're unethical. In fact, most unethical breeders I've come in contact would probably appear to be very ethical to the average puppy buyer.


The main trait that makes this breeder dangerous to the average puppy buyer is:

a very cute puppy with a cheap(er) price tag

and hidden issues that may not appear for several months.


The fact is, MOST breeders found on the internet (and in newspapers/magazines) are breeders who know very, very little about the pedigrees behind their breeding pair. Therefore, they really are clueless about the health and temperaments that they're breeding. And this means they're actually selling you a puppy that almost certainly has a high chance for serious, expensive problems.


True Story:

I know about a Vet who recently relocated to an entirely new area of the US to take over the Clinic for a Vet who hopes to retire soon. A 'good Berner breeder'  had used the services of the former Vet for many years and was now to bring her Berners to the new Vet.


When the new Vet first met this Berner person and one of her Berners, the Vet was fairly traumatized to see that the Berner coming to see her was not heavily restrained (muzzled, etc).


Apparently, the only Berners this Vet had ever encountered before were incredibly aggressive, dominant and un-trained Berners. Interestingly, this Vet came from an area filled with breeders who list their pups for sale on the internet. Now this 'good Berner breeder' is having to 're-condition' that Vet to learn that all Berners don't have serious temperament issues.


As of August 2005, the average PET Berner puppy price found on the internet (from an unethical breeder) is between about $400 and $1,200. Its critically important to remember these are puppies whose un-known pedigrees contain un-known dogs and therefore the puppy's health/temperament prospects are: un-known.


In dog-breeding, "un-known" equals "high risk for issues".


Quite often, the puppy price from these breeders can be raised slightly to allow the buyer 'breeding rights' per registration.


As of August 2005, the average PET Berner puppy prices FROM A GOOD BREEDER (who knows pedigree data) range between $1,000 and $2,500 with the average price being about $1,400 or so.




The Intelligent Puppy Buyer will consider the initial investment of the higher purchase price from an ethical breeder (who actually knows pedigree data) as a wise choice toward minimizing future puppy expenses.


Important: You simply cannot compare shopping for a Berner puppy to shopping at a discount outlet that contains designer labels. In Berners, designer labels ONLY COME FROM GOOD BREEDERS.


Perhaps the saddest situation is for a puppy buyer to pay 'full price' from a bad breeder. Unfortunately, this is very common in today's marketplace.


SO - the Fifty-Million Dollar Question:

                         " What makes a breeder 'good' to buy from?? "


Well, the answer to that lay in Your Education as a puppy buyer.


The more education you embrace, the more likely you are to buy from a good breeder.


SO - do you want some more puppy buyer education?


Prepare for more reading and click here:


     Find A Breeder



My very best wishes to you as you research our breed.

PLEASE BUY AND OWN RESPONSIBLY so you'll help our breed avoid the devastation that unethical people cause popular breeds.


Esther Wilson

email: info@sagekeep.com




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