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ALL Photos on this website

are SageKeep Dogs bred or owned by Esther Wilson

unless otherwise specified.

Beware of Bernese Mtn Dog Breeder websites that steal photos of Berners from other breeders and then display those photos to falsely portray their kennel.


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~ NZ CH SageKeeps Divine Sauvignon ~



Above, Graham is showing Savvy to his 11th straight

Best of Breed Win in New Zealand


Savvy easily won his New Zealand Championship - UNDEFEATED in breed!

Savvy has remained undefeated in breed through eleven (11) shows!


Of any Berner I've ever lived with, Savvy is perhaps the most true to all the wonderful Bernese traits. He's healthy, huge, mellow, devoted, strong, gentle, loves to please his human and he's incredibly intuitive. I can put young puppies with Savvy and he is a great caretaker, just like his father Panner used to be.


Savvy is Vinny's littermate and these brothers were raised together from puppyhood. However, their lives were destined to be parted because Savvy lives with my good friends, Graham and Chrissy Langford, Brienz Kennel in New Zealand.


On purpose, I have only shown Savvy twice. He did well both times, although his brother, Vinny, beat him. (The boys are very comparable but Vinny matured faster). I have held Savvy back because he was destined for New Zealand and I didn't want to take a chance on anything that could compromise that plan. This is also the reason he is not available to stud in the USA.


At age 18 months, Savvy weighs a lean 125 lbs and is 26-1/2 inches tall at the shoulder.


I am very proud to be Savvy's breeder and I hope for wonderful things for Savvy in the Brienz Kennel!


My heartfelt THANK YOU to Dr Dan Brown and the team at the Animal Clinic and Hospital of Moscow, Idaho! Because of their expertise in Veterinary care, Savvy made it to New Zealand without any quarantine issues.


If you live anywhere near Moscow, ID, I highly recommend this wonderful veterinary facility to you.


Here's their website: www.animalclinic.org

I also highly recommend WSU Veterinary Teaching Hospital and their wonderful team of veterinary professionals. They have helped Savvy and all of my Berners at one time or another. Special thanks to Dr Michelle Powers and Kelly Hughes, who did a superb job with Savvy's orthopedic radiographs.


Below, Savvy's with Graham in New Zealand.

This is the day after Savvy was released from 30 days of Quarantine after his arrival in New Zealand. Savvy won Best Dog On Parade.



Below, a very estatic Graham is holding Savvy

after Savvy just won Best Junior In Show!

(I believe this is the same show where Savvy finished his NZ Championship)



Savvy at age 16 months, weighed 110 lbs




INTERESTING FACT: New Zealand is a very small dog community and to provide for their canine gene pool, they must bring in dogs from kennels in other countries to keep enough genetic diversity for a healthy population.


New Zealand breeders have a tough and very expensive endeavor to get quality breeding dogs from other countries. For one thing, the NZ import laws are incredibly restrictive because New Zealand is an agriculturally based country that doesn't have many of the diseases common to other countries (i.e., NZ is rabies free). It is not unusual for a breeder to pay more than US$ 20,000.00 to import a puppy that may not develop into the show/breeding potential hoped for.


Savvy has superior orthopedic clearances and he's a healthy, very sound dog. As a fellow caring breeder, I am doing my best to support the caring breeders in New Zealand by sending them one of the best dogs I've ever bred. I hope that Savvy will prove to be a godsend to the responsible breeders in New Zealand, most especially to Graham and Chrissy. I trust them implicitly to take awesome care of Savvy and keep his best interests at the heart of all their decisions. This gives me a good reason to visit New Zealand again!!


CLICK HERE to visit Graham and Chrissy's website: www.nzbernese.com



Date of Birth:  June 18. 2006

Orthopedic Clearances:

PennHIP: Left Hip 0.32, Right Hip 0.32

Top 10% in PennHIP database for Berners

(perfectly aligned hips!!!!!!)


OFA: Preliminary Excellent Hips, Normal Elbows

Note: OFA gives only preliminary clearances to dogs whose age is less than 2 years old at time of radiograph.

See also: www.bernergarde.org database

Look up Savvy on the Berner Garde Database:




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