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ALL Photos on this website

are SageKeep Dogs bred or owned by Esther Wilson

unless otherwise specified.

Beware of Bernese Mtn Dog Breeder websites that steal photos of Berners from other breeders and then display those photos to falsely portray their kennel.


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GONE - but never forgotten...

CH Newcastle's Shalimar v. Bev's


" Shali "


In the Fall 2004, my beloved Shalimar passed over the rainbow bridge.


This was such a painful event, it took me a long time before I could talk about it, much less write about it on my website.


Shali was my best friend for many years. And she had so many wonderful qualities that I cannot possibly list them all. Even as I type this, tears are streaming down my face. I can hardly believe she's really gone.


Shali, my dear friend, you will always be missed. I'm sad that my future Berners will never have had the pleasure of living with you, of knowing what a wonderful friend and loving companion you were to those around you. No other Berner can possibly take your place in my heart or in my life. Thank you for the unconditional love you always gave so freely. Keep looking for me - I'll be there with you one day, dearest. Until then, please keep Penny from too much mischief, just like you always did. I miss her too....Love, Mom.



Shalimar's Winner's Picture (shown by professional handler Karen Mammano): Working Group 4th Placement at the Albany Kennel Club Supported Entry on Saturday, October 20, 2001.

Her half-sister (sire's side) named Maine's Sea Gazer won Winner's Reserve Bitch, second place to Shali. We're certain that must've been a VERY tough decision for the judge, because Maine's Sea Gazer is a very lovely girl.

At the event above, Shali won Winner's Bitch, Best of Winners, Best of Breed and 4th in Working Group.

Thank you to Patty Smith, of Newcastle Kennels for this lovely, wonderful Berner.

And thank you to Bev Burney, for although Bev had nothing to do with the actual breeding that produced Shalimar, a lot of the pedigree behind Shalimar is Bev's quality Berners.

Look up Shalimar on the Berner Garde Database:



Sire : CH. Liguoris Domino Effect v Bev's

Dam : Newcastle's Chloe v Bev's


Shali (shown by professional handler Sam Mammano), is awarded her AKC Conformation Champion title in October, 2001.

Sam & Karen Mammano: Shalimar's Professional Handlers:

We highly recommend Sam & Karen to anyone who is lucky enough to engage them as dog handlers.

Before being placed with Sam & Karen, our Shalimar had never been near a show ring. She'd never really been with many other dogs, either. Shali had only done obedience work with co-owner, Esther Wilson.

In a VERY short few weeks on the show circuit, Shalimar had her big Albany win with handler Karen. It wasn't long after that Sam handled her to Winner's Bitch and finished her requirements to achieve AKC Conformation Champion.

Yes, like many berners, Shalimar is a beautiful dog. But being a beautiful dog isn't enough. We are confident Sam & Karen were a vital part of her championship finish - they knew how to train her and show her off to win.

Sam & Karen did an outstanding job with Shalimar. And very importantly, they took quality care of Shalimar while she was with them. We appreciated their high level of integrity. They're very professional and are very good at what they do. We would seek their services again and feel very blessed to have been connected with them.

If you want to contact Sam & Karen Mammano, look them up in the AKC list of professional handlers. Again, we were very satisfied with their work and feel we made a superb choice in using their services.


Click here to learn more about who my Shalimar was

Rest in Peace, Shalimar


and you'll never be forgotten as long as I draw breath.




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